Loan without an employer transfers the salary on time every month

A loan without an employer, is there such a thing? Of course there are credit opportunities, even if no employer transfers the salary on time every month. The article provides information on credit options.

Loan without employer – loans for entrepreneurs

Loan without employer - loans for entrepreneurs

Loan opportunities exist in almost all professional and private life situations. A loan without an employer is a typical loan for entrepreneurs. Favorable credit opportunities exist especially during the time of the company foundation and for the first three years afterwards. There are no high demands on the creditworthiness of the company founder.

When applying for an ERP loan, the focus is on the good business idea and, above all, its presentation. The founder of the company held the first preliminary meeting with a commercial bank he trusted. Government loan support from the Demo Lender Bank cannot be applied for directly. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you consult a management consultant recommended by DLB.

It would be perfectly possible to work your way through the complex network of applications, but trying it yourself is tricky. The concept has to be perfectly elaborated and prepared for the successful application, otherwise it has little chance of approval. This fact is not only known, but also wanted. It is not without reason that DLB co-finances the consultant.

Credit for existing small businesses

Credit for existing small businesses

In the course of self-employment, there is of course always a need for credit. After three years of self-employment, the requirements for further funding by the state increase significantly. Especially with a small company size, it will be difficult to meet the requirements. Local credit providers, who were happy to help start-ups, are also withdrawing. A loan for the self-employed is very difficult to check for local providers. Politicians have created difficult examination requirements through the Basel 2 agreement. Many lenders who have focused on personal loans are overwhelmed and refuse.

Short-term funding gaps can often be prevented through organizational measures. Better coordination of ordering and warehousing lead to permanent savings. The supplier credit is optimally used by these measures. The measure can be easily implemented with an inexpensive software solution.

For the loan without employer, only secured from self-employed income, there are other options. For example, a loan from the Lite lender could be used from the loan comparison. Lite lender specifically woos successful small business owners. The application for credit is already possible with the income tax notices of the past few years. In advertising, Lite lender promises to treat the credit for self-employed and employees equally.

Alternative credit solutions without a fixed income

Alternative credit solutions without a fixed income

The easiest way out of the credit crunch is the loan guarantee of a solvent guarantor. As an alternative to a guarantee, high-quality property collateral could implement the loan request. Credit security is a top priority for all commercial lenders. Without guarantors or property collateral, only the loan from private donors remains as a solution option.