Regional Classes 2017: Several million motorists will pay more soon News always well informed
The regional classes 2017 for motor insurance have been fixed. As the German Insurance Association (GDV) announced this morning, 6.3 million motorists are downgraded in motor insurance and may benefit from lower insurance premiums. For 4.8 million insured it could be more expensive.
Regionalklassen 2017: Hier wird die Kfz-Versicherung teurer
Regional Classes 2017: For many motorists it can be cheaper

The new regional classes for 2017 in motor insurance are available today. On average, the development is positive for many drivers . For next year, more car owners in motor liability insurance will be downgraded than promoted. If there is no change in other factors in their car insurance, such as for the 2017 model class, this means that for motorists with a lower regional category, this usually means that the insurance premium is reduced . However, some insured people will have to dig deeper into their pockets in the future.

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How will the regional classes 2017 come about?

For the regional classes, the damage assessment of 415 approval districts in Germany is reviewed and the risk of damage for motor insurance, partial and full insurance is calculated. For example, increased car thefts in a region have no negative impact on the regional class of motor liability insurance, as this only covers damage to third parties . However, the partial and full insurance regional classes can be upgraded.

But not only traffic accidents or thefts are taken into account in the calculation of the regional classes 2017. The weather and other factors are included in the survey . “Hail damage can also play a role, as can game accidents,” explains Stephan Schweda from GDV.

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High Regional Class 2017: Where do motorists have to pay the most?

In general, it can be said for the regional classes of 2017 motor insurance that the class is rather low in rural areas, rather high in the city . For example, the licensing district Ludwigslust-Parchim in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has the best damage record in motor liability insurance. By contrast, most of the damage and thus also a high regional class exist in the cities and in parts of Bavaria . In the provincial capitals, Hamburg, Berlin, Wiesbaden and Munich are in the lead with the most expensive regional class 12 in liability insurance. In contrast, drivers from Schwerin can look forward to the cheapest regional class 1, as in the previous year. The GDV offers on its page an overview of the regional classes 2017 by federal states.

Do all motorists have to adapt to new regional classes in 2017?

For the majority of motorists, the regional class 2017 does not change. According to the GDV, it remains stable for 28.5 million insured in motor insurance . In the case of comprehensive insurance, the regional classes for the majority of car owners also remain unchanged. Here, for two million people, the regional class drops, at 2.4 million, it rises. However, there may be additional changes to the 2017 Type Classes, which will be announced later this month. Regardless of this, however, most drivers have the option of terminating their insurance until November 30 and switching to a cheaper provider. Depending on the previous tariff and the desired benefits can sometimes save several hundred euros per year.

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