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The Town of Lacombe celebrated the work of several local artists in the community with their Arts Awards which took place on May 5th at the Lacombe Memorial Center Café.

The artists received a check from the mayor of the town of Lacombe, Grant Creasey.

“I managed to find a little quote that I thought was relevant for today. ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to stay that way when you grow up. To all the winners here tonight, I would suggest that you thought like Picasso who said that and you didn’t grow up too fast,” Creasey said.

The Student Art Awards were given to five students from the community and included the following:

  • Marlow Glover for ‘Dave’ — Jan Holoboff Jr. High School Art Award ($250)
  • Maya Weidner for ‘Picnic Tables’ – Charlie Donald High School Art Award ($250)
  • Rhianne Styles for ‘Cravings’ – Charlie Donald High School Honorable Mention ($100)
  • Kayla Crooks for ‘Jaskier of Joey Batey’ – Dustin Peers Memorial Drawing Award ($250)
  • Root Evanyshyn –Robb for ‘Untitled’ –Dustin Peers Memorial Drawing Award Honorable Mention ($100)
  • Leah Hennig for ‘Cardigan – Bob Creur Art Award

Charlie Donald High School Art Award winner Maya Weidner has now won two art awards in the town of Lacombe. She is currently in grade 12 and looking forward to post-secondary education.

“I’m just going to save for school because art school is a lot of money plus all the supplies,” she said.

Weidner explained one of his projects titled ‘New Year’s Float’ which hangs in the Lacombe Memorial Center along with the other student artwork.

Maya Weidner’s ‘New Year’s Feast’.

“It was our school project to draw something based on a certain word. From there, I had to draw something based on ‘culture’, so I chose Chinese Lunar New Year because it’s part of who I am,” Weidner added.

In addition, two Lacombe Arts Endowment Scholarships were also awarded, including:

  • Maelia Banbury received $2,410 to attend Artibute Art School in Red Deer.
  • Christina Sturgeon received $2,268 to attend workshops at the Rocky Mountain Leather Show in Sheridan Wyoming

Endowment grant winner Christina Sturgeon has been looking forward to attending the Rocky Mountain Leather Show for some time now.

“This show, I wanted to go right before COVID hit in 2020, I was planning to go in May. Of course, those plans got canceled like everywhere else. The good thing about COVID, it’s “is that many of these instructors I’ve been able to learn about Sheridan online. I’ve been able to learn continuously because of COVID. Now I have the opportunity to go out there and learn from the best artists in the world. leather in the world, they come from all over North America and Europe. I’m super excited about it,” Sturgeon explained.

Photo of Christina holding a job. Image courtesy of Instagram account Followyourarrowco.

Sturgeon began to work with leather by trying it out for herself with a special kit. Although she helps run their family ranch out of town, she still found time to learn the basics.

“I started sculpting leather about four years ago. I actually bought the kit for my daughter thinking she would like it. She tried and didn’t really do much. So, I asked him and worked on developing my skills over the past four years,” she explained.

She carves jackets, patches, tact for horses, handbags and other items. Sturgeon is happy to be able to save some money to buy more supplies for her work.

“I think I would have given up to go anyway, but it definitely makes things a little easier,” she added.

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