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Throwing billions at Ukraine

As Americans find themselves homeless or overburdened with rent, and residents struggle with rising commodity and fuel costs or to find baby formula, America’s oligarchs are throwing billions into a war in Europe.

What does the Democratic Party’s “resistance” to war profiteers look like? All Democrats in the US House and Senate voted for a $40 billion Ukraine “aid” package that funneled $20 billion to arms manufacturers for a war that is all but over.

Republican Congressman from Oregon Cliff Bentz and Democratic senses Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley joined the bipartisan rush for a reckless and unfettered military escalation. Only 11 Senate Republicans and 57 House Republicans voted against the bill that pursues a war the United States could have ended diplomatically before it began.

Our leaders are reinforcing aggression and fear of Russia and China in order to manufacture consent for World War III. Washington’s ‘madmen’ think they can win a nuclear war, believing that US hegemony should not be challenged, despite recent military defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan and the obvious agony of capitalist empire American.

For those who prefer our elected leaders to help Oregonians, it’s time to get organized and vote only for those who deserve it.

Derek Volkart


Teaching responsible parenting

The June 2 editorial of La Grande Observer notes the shortcomings of our preschoolers (poverty, bullying, hunger, education) and pleads for a federal program for 3- and 4-year-olds. I agree on one point.

A high school curriculum emphasizing parental responsibility and duties would complement child care programs. In my opinion, children whose parents are responsible generally do well and create stable families that do the same.

Given the scale of violence among violent young men, a focus on parenting and education will place the issue in a broader and more specific factual framework that could reduce this violence much earlier.

John M. Moore

Eagle’s Point

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