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Omnipotent Youth Society won album of the year at the fifth annual CMA for Inside the Cable Temple. [Photo by Guo Xiaokai/for China Daily]

Equality, authenticity and variety key words for a deferred event

On a sweltering summer day in 2019, fans cheered in a spacious studio in the southern suburbs of Beijing as a group of rock musicians took center stage.

As indie rock trio Hedgehog received the award for Chinese Rock Group of the Year, singer-songwriter and lead guitarist Zhao Zijian held drummer Shi Lu in suspense.

Later, the band performed the hit Requiem for a lifestyle, a song considered his anthem. Even though Zhao performed this wrong number, it didn’t stop the fans from cheering.

The group’s appearance was one of the most exciting events of the third China Music Industry Committee Music Awards, or CMAs.

Despite the absence of major pop stars on the red carpet, nor a dazzling fashion show with flashing cameras, music industry insiders, record label executives, critics and other personalities key players in the music industry came together to celebrate the awards. A total of 35 trophies were handed out for outstanding achievements in the country’s music industry in 2018-2019.

The awards were launched in 2017 by the China Music Industry Committee, a non-profit organization based in Beijing. The awards honor artists from a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, and classical music. They also recognize the technicians, engineers and designers who work on each album and song.

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