The best five fixed-rate mortgages to buy a home in June 2016

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  • The option of contracting a fixed rate mortgage is becoming more attractive.
  • The experts of 'El Hipotecador' stand out in June the offers of RN,, BBVA, Bankinter and Kutxabank.

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The option of contracting a fixed rate mortgage is becoming more attractive for the home buyer. And is that the Euribor will not always be at historical lows; Someday it will rise and nobody knows how much. The great advantage of mortgages at a fixed rate is that they can prevent market fluctuations from influencing the monthly payment paid by mortgage holders. In return, of course, the interest rate is higher, but stable.

Among the offer, the experts of El Hipotecador have analyzed the best mortgages at a fixed rate that can be requested to buy a home. These are, according to them, the best five at present.

RN Your mortgage solution – Fixed mortgage Green RN:

Pros : The Fixed Mortgage Green RN has the best interest rate in the market, offers 2.45% for 30-year financing. To get such a competitive interest rate, RN Your mortgage solution only requires the basic links: life, home and home insurance payroll for an amount equal to or greater than 600 euros. Flexibility in choosing deadlines.
Cons : The financial intermediation service carries a fee but is only paid to success. The study and feasibility are free.

Other terms:
Term 25 years – Interest rate 2.39%.
Term 20 years – Interest rate 2.25%
Term 15 years – Interest rate 1.80% – Fixed Mortgage

Pros : Although the Fixed Mortgage of has an interest rate superior to other banking entities, 2.95% to 30 years, it compensates with its reduced links and applying 0% of commissions. It also offers different return periods to adapt to the needs of the client. Finally, does not oblige its client to carry out home insurance with a certain company, but the client is free to contract the insurance with the company that he decides.
Cons : There are other banks that offer fixed mortgages with more competitive interest rates.

Other terms:
Term 20 years – Interest rate 2.80%
Term 10 years – Interest rate 2.70%

BBVA – Fixed Mortgage

Pros : BBVA's Fixed Mortgage has reduced its interest rate to 2.75% for a 30-year repayment term, which places it in our third position. It is a mortgage loan thinking both for first and second homes. It offers the possibility of choosing other return periods.
Cons : It has the following connections: home and life insurance, direct debit of the payroll, credit card and pension plan. It is necessary to have a recurring income of 1,500 euros or more per month.

Other terms:
Term 25 years – Interest rate 2.50%
Term 20 years – Interest rate 2.25%
Term 15 years – Interest rate 1.90%

Bankinter – Bankinter Fixed Mortgage

Pros : For those people who are looking for a 20-year repayment period, Bankinter applies an interest rate of 2.10%. It is a mortgage focused on the acquisition of a home with a loan of no more than 80% of the purchase or appraisal value.
Cons : Bankinter's Fixed Mortgage does not have the option to do it for 30 years and requires the following links: home insurance, life and the hiring of a payroll or professional account.

Other terms:
Term 15 years – Interest rate 1.80%
Term 10 years – Interest rate 1.60%

Kutxabank – Fixed Mortgage

Pros : The Kutxabank Fixed Mortgage offers 2.50% for a 30-year loan. In addition, it does not include a floor clause, the possibility of setting a ceiling and, for those people who are already clients, the entity applies bonuses.
Cons : To qualify for this type of interest, Kutxabank places the following requirements as a requirement: life and home insurance, payroll, debit and credit cards and a pension plan.

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